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Storiad is building a network to connect editors with writers.

Our MISSION is simple: Connect writers on the Storiad network to the right editor for the right project at the right time.

So, if YOU’re an editor looking to expand your editing business, we invite you to join the Storiad editor’s network and start interacting with writers in need of your services. It’s free. It’s easy. And it’s a great way to grow your business.

Getting started on Storiad is an easy three-step process:

One: Create a Storiad Writer profile. This is a great way to introduce yourself and your editing services. Plus meet and interact with lots of talented writers. Learn more about creating your Storiad Writer account here.

Two: Set-up a public Storiad Group. This is a great way to interact with the many talented writers on Storiad. Learn more about Groups here.

Three: Start Blogging on the Vox Storiad (Storiad’s blogging platform). As you know, blogging is the editor’s best friend! Learn more about Vox Storiad here.

Now your Storiad platform is ready for us to share with Writers.


Here are a few things Storiad will do to help your editing business:

One: We will promote your Storiad Platform directly to the Storiad network

Two: We are often asked by writers for editor recommendation. We will now be able to direct them to you Storiad Platform.

Three: Whenever you publish a Vox Storiad blog post, we will automatically share with it with our extended network of 10,000+ writers.


Get Started today in two easy steps:

One: Click on the button below to fill out a brief form. We will use this information to include you in our list of available editors on the Storiad network. Now it’ll be easy to contact you when a writer needs your services.

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Two: Click on the button below to create a Writer Account. As we mentioned, this will make it REALLY easy to start connecting and communicating with writers on the Storiad network!

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 See you on the Storiad Network!

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