The Writers Junction: Rediscover The Joy of Writing

Here is a message from our friends at The Writers Junction:

We’re hosting a weekend workshop here at The Junction on February 9-10. It’s called “Rediscover the Joy of Writing” with playwright and instructor Brooke Berman, and it’ll be entirely devoted to finding the fun in writing again and getting in touch with your characters. We know the process of trying to get published can be daunting and can put a damper on the creative spirit, so we thought this might be the perfect opportunity to reignite that spark for writers who might be getting discouraged. Here’s a blurb about the class from Brooke:

“Writers in Los Angeles face the unique challenge of writing in an “industry town.” Many of us, myself included, look at Deadline, Facebook, The LA Times or New York Times before we sit down each day and actually get to work. We’re writing for money or for the dream of earning more money– and the baseline, why we started telling our stories in the first place, gets obscured. If you find yourself worrying about what’s just sold rather than what you have to say– or checking Facebook status updates instead of tuning into your characters and their idiosyncrasies– this workshop is for you!

“Spend the weekend rediscovering the joy of writing and creating multi-dimensional characters with playwright Brooke Berman. This two-day workshop is devoted to having fun while finding the authentic voice(s) of your characters and uncovering the story you most want to tell. Saturday’s workshop will focus on joyful writing process and Sunday’s on the creation of vivid, rich characters. Both days will rely on in-class writing exercises designed to drop you back into your authentic voice and subconscious mind. Brooke has been teaching these exercises (or variations on them) since 1998, and they’re drawn from her work with theater-makers Maria Irene Fornes, Anne Bogart, Deb Margolin as well as writer Natalie Goldberg and others.”

Devote 2013 to your creativity!

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