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There is a separate public for every picture, and for every book. ~ John Ruskin

Welcome to Storiad

Storiad is a branding platform helping the writing universe better network, market and publicize. You get the book ready to be read; we’ll help you find the public to read it.

Writing is a true labor of love. You write to be read. In order to have your books read you must make readers 1) aware of  who you are as a writer, 2) why you write; and 3) what we’ve written.  In essence, you’re telling the unique story of your stories. You’re crafting an author brand. The uniqueness of your story is your brand.

So, how do you become a branded author?

Enter Storiad. Our philosophy is simple: The writer whose books are read is the writer who’s known. And the known author is the Branded Author.

With that philosophy in mind, Storiad developed the smart author networking, author marketing and author publicity stuff you need to brand your author-self. Visit the Storiad site for lots more information.

An Offer for Authors

For a limited time, Storiad is offering to work with you “one-on-one” to help you become a Branded Author. You can take advantage of this offer in four easy steps:

  • Step 1: Read “The Branded Author by Storiad”.  It’s a step-by-step guide to help authors become … you guessed it, branded authors. You can find it here.
  • Step 2: Decide to become a Branded Author!
  • Step 3: Contact Storiad via the handy online form found here.
  • Step 4: We get to work.

Easy enough.

Oh, and it’s Free. No fine print, just free. [That’s why it’s a “limited time offer”.]

Becoming a Branded Author

Using “The Branded Author by Storiad” as a guide, we help you develop the three assets every Branded Author needs:

  • Your Networking plan;
  • Your Marketing plan; and
  • Your Publicity plan.

You now have the assets you’ll need to engage your audience in meaningful ways. And an engaged audience is a collection of people eager to buy your books.

Make the decision to become a Branded Author. Drop us a line. And we’ll get going. This is going to be fun, we promise!

Happy Branding!

The Storiad Team

P.S. Please feel free to share this offer with other writers you may know. Thank You!

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