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There is a separate public for every picture, and for every book. ~ John Ruskin

Welcome to the Branded Author by Storiad

Storiad is a branding platform helping the writing universe better network, market and publicize. We offer authors and publishers the stuff they need to make their business of writing smarter, faster and more cost-effective.

The central question Storiad ask authors to consider is this: What’s your story?

Then we provide them with the tools they need to answer that question by getting and keeping their story out there.

The Branded Author: A How-To Guide

The author who’s known is the author whose books are read. And the author who’s known is the Branded Author. That is a truism.

To help authors think about their own, unique Author Brand, Storiad developed a practical guide to Author Branding.

By way of summary, Storiad’s Author Branding strategy entails developing and executing three interconnected plans :

  1. A Networking Plan;
  2. A Marketing Plan; and
  3. A Publicity Plan

The Goal of our Author Branding strategy is to increase book sales by building multiple avenues leading to the place(s) where readers can connect with authors, experience their writing and buy their books.

Below, we present “The Branded Author by Storiad” in two parts. In Part I, we help you build your Author Branding assets. In Part II, we help you use your Author Branding assets.

Here is Part I:

As promised, Storiad presents a comprehensive and actionable Author Branding strategy.

In Part II, we help you put your Author Branding assets to use:

Want a copy of “The Branded Author by Storiad” for yourself? They’re available as PDF files.

Download Part I_The Branded Author™ by Storiad

Download Part II_The Branded Author™ by Storiad

We next present a “Tell and Show” guide through the Storiad Branding Platform.

The Storiad Author Branding Platform: Smarter Networking, Marketing and Publicity

The Storiad Branding Platform consists of the integrated Networking, Marketing and Publicity platforms authors need for their Branding campaign:

  • Networking: Authors Network using a “LinkedIn™-inspired” professional networking platform.
  • Marketing: 1) Authors interact with their audience in real-time discussion groups; 2) they make available all their written work through their Project Portfolio; and 3) they craft an interactive marketing material packaging platform.
  • Publicity: Authors gain access to Storiad’s proprietary ePressKit™ to connect with industry influencers in a compelling and memorable fashion.

We are particularly proud of our ePressKit™, as it’s helping authors smartly and cost-effectively publicize their books on a one-of-a-kind platform.

For a live ePressKit™ from Bill Bunn, author of “Duck Boy” published by Bitingduck Press, click here. [Notice Bill’s interactive book review, available through a Storiad partner]

Here what the Storiad Branding Platform looks like:

Storiad Profile_Show

To explore a live Storiad Branding Platform, click here.

An Array of Value-Adding Storiad Partnerships

Storiad actively develops strategic partnerships with writing-service providers to give Storiad members the differentiating edge they need in a competitive marketplace. Two examples:

  • Book Review TV (BRT) offers Storiad members an truly unique interactive book review video. For more information on BRT, click here.
  • Crimson River Productions offers Storiad members state-of-the art Book Trailers and Digital Marketing strategies that stand-out in any book marketing and publicity campaign. For more information on Crimson, click here.
  • Whizbuzz + Storiad have partnered  to offer authors even smarter ways get their branded stories out there in a sustainable and “organic” fashion. For more information this offer, click here.

Getting Started

We would absolutely LOVE to have you on Storiad. We offer two options for you to get started.

  1. The “I’ll Do This On My Own” Option: Joining is free and easy. You’ll be up and running in no time. Get started with the Storiad Free Stuff. When it’s time to expand your reach, upgrade to the Storiad Premium Stuff. Learn all about your options here.
  2. The “Let’s Work Together” Option: Storiad is eager to work with publishers and individual authors to design and execute customized Author Branding campaigns. From our experience, the co-marketing and publicity opportunities are the most fun to develop. To start the conversation, fill out an information request form here.

A Special Offer

For a limited time, we’re offering the Storiad ePressKit™ FREE for the first month. You can give it a try at no risk, or obligation, or fine print. Thereafter, it’s only $29.95/month. Simply enter the promo code “MYEPK2013” at checkout.

We’ll See You on Storiad

If you have any questions or comments, drop us a  line here.

Happy Branding!

The Storiad Team

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