Reasons Authors Love Storiad

7 Reasons Why Authors LOVE Storiad

Marketing your book—whether as a traditional author, indie author, or self-publisher—can be a daunting and time-consuming task. But with the help of an awesome book marketing tool, you’ll find that marketing your book can surely be done both efficiently and effectively.

That in mind, we built Storiad with a fairly simple vision: offer a dashboard with every single feature an author might need during the book marketing process, at an unbeatable price, with exceptional customer support for our team. Of course, over the last ten years, what we do has evolved into something much more… let’s say much more complex and proportionally more lovable. But don’t take our word for it—just listen to our users.

Below you’ll find seven of the key reasons authors love Storiad. These are the “WOW” moments that come from running through prospective customers our demos, the feedback from current users through email and support chats, and other little bits that seem to make their way back to us as time goes on. So, without further ado…

1. Fantastic Customer Support

When you sign up for Storiad, not only do you get access to a ton of awesome features that help you successfully market your book—you also get access to a team of book marketing veterans that are dedicated to helping you successfully market your book. Having trouble identifying your new book’s target audience? We’ll help you narrow it down. Struggling to put together a digital media kit that actually gets responses from media outlets and book reviewers? We’ll show you what to improve. And the best part is that we’re here in real-time to answer any and all questions as they arise.

Storiad Team

2. Unbeatable Pricing

We hear it during our demos with authors all the time: “I can get all of these features on the Forever Free plan?” Yes. “And I can unlock all of the premium features you just showed me for only $35/mo?” Again, yes. Listen—we know the market for authors and we know most of them aren’t sitting on Stephen King or Dan Brown type cash. Most of them are just trying to get that first book or series off the ground. So we priced Storiad to be accessible—it’s part of the core values of our company as a whole, and it’s also why the Forever Free account is (drum roll) Forever Free.

Storiad Pricing Plans

3. Customizable Digital Press Kits for Your Book(s)

Storiad’s features are all built out of experiences our CEO had as a book consultant over the past decade. Of course, authors need help marketing, but specifically, what asked, “What could we provide all authors that would add the most value.” The easy #1 was a digital press kit—a way for authors to give their book a unique press kit that lives online and can be easily shared with book reviewers, publicists, and more. All you’ll need to do is upload your book’s information into a project, and we’ll pull it into a wonderfully-organized digital press kit template (which you can use right then and there, or customize to your liking).

Storiad Digital Press Kit Screenshot

4. Answer 5 Questions = Get a Full Marketing Plan

You read that right. Storiad’s Marketing Plan Wizard is a five-question survey that will generate a 100% ready-to-go marketing plan for your book. All you’ll need to do is answer a few questions about your target audience and our wizard will do the rest.

Storiad Marketing Plan Screenshot

5. Publicity Database + Integrated Messaging

Discover over 33,000 bloggers, book publicists, journalists, and book publicity professionals. Then, categorize your target contacts into saved lists and use our messaging feature to reach out to all of them directly! The best part? Saving the tens—maybe even hundreds—of hours it would take to manually search and track down the right contact’s email addresses across the internet. We guess you could say we did all the hard for you (well, our founder, Ramzi, definitely did!).

Storiad Publicity Database Screenshot

6. Plug-and-Play Financial Tools

We know that the majority of authors didn’t graduate from an Ivy League school with a degree in finance or accounting. And that’s perfectly fine—the best writers tend to just focus on one thing: writing. Still, knowing how to calculate your book’s worth, estimate revenue from royalties, generate a Title Profit & Loss Statement, and plan your campaign’s budget is vital to any author looking to achieve book marketing success. And so, we created easy plug-and-play financial tools that allow any author to do just that!

Storiad Financial Tools Screenshot

7. Organize Your Books Into a Digital Library

Lastly, being able to easily organize your books into a centralized digital library (where all of their information can be safely stored and accessed) is key to authors with multiple books. Storiad makes this process simple by allowing you to create “projects” for each of your books, which include all of its valuable information, and storing those projects in a portfolio (which can even be shared with just a link). As we’ve heard it said, “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

Storiad Projects Portfolio Screenshot

Sign Up for Storiad Today!

No one said marketing your book would be easy—and it’s an issue that has affected every author and book ever published. But with the assistance of a book marketing tool like Storiad, you might just find that it can be done effectively, efficiently, and without costing you an arm and a leg.

Sign up for Storiad today and receive a 7-day free trial on Storiad Pro.

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