The Storiad Story

Storiad is a book-tech company based in Pasadena, California. Storiad offers an integrated suite of platforms designed to help publishers and their authors sell more books. Think Salesforce, but for the business of bookselling.

Do you know how authors spend all this time and money writing, editing and publishing their books only to sell a handful of copies because they lack the guidance, tools, and budget to run effective bookselling campaigns to build market awareness? What Storiad does is offer authors all the stuff (software, databases, and guidance) they need to own and manage affordable digital bookselling campaigns that build the market awareness that sells books.

The Storiad Team

We are, as you may have guessed, a startup. Storiad is lean, creative, and responsive. Co-Founders Ramzi S. Hajj and Nathan Tyler have funded, designed, and built Storiad. Ramzi is responsible for operations, marketing, and business development. Nathan is responsible for technology development and implementation.

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Storiad is Built w/ ♥ in Pasadena, California USA