Doing NANOWRIMO? 5 Tips for Succeeding (Finally!)

Doing NANOWRIMO? 5 Tips for Succeeding (Finally!)

Each year, thousands of wannabe writers get themselves hyped up about NANOWRIMO—“National Novel Writing Month.” A worldwide literary celebration that takes place every November, NANOWRIMOers’ mission, as it transparently describes, is to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days (or 1,667 words per day). In 2011 there were 256,618 participants, yet only 14% of those writers succeeded. […]

Time to try #Writerschat

Not only has Twitter been a complete immersion into a new world for me, the gifts keep coming.  As soon as I identified myself as a writer, I felt like an orphan rediscovering long lost family in the writer community who embraced me. #Writerschat meets on Twitter at 1pm, PST every Saturday.  Each of us […]

Lover in the Nobody: The Next Fight Club

“Lover in the Nobody” In a mental ward, Georgie tries to convince the doctor to let him leave. Through a lifetime of dreamy corruption and escapade, the story grips you with a twist you’ll never believe. Published Author Award Winning Produced Film & TV Writer Homepage: A dozen unpublished screenplays and novels looking […]

American Hero

THE AMERICAN HERO I was staring into the flame of the gas fireplace, when my eight year old niece crashed herself on my lap, and asked, “What was it like to be a soldier?” A roaring river of laughter filled my memories. After a month of fear punctuated by brief, sudden firefights, rocket attacks for […]