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Building your digital book marketing campaign

The Author's Book Marketing Goal is to Reach as Wide an Audience as Possible

FIRST ... Identify the four goals of a successful book marketing campaign

Identify Your Target Readers
Who are the people most likely too want to read, review, recommend, endorse, and/or buy your book

Create Marketing Assets
Organize your marketing materials into an informative and compelling narrative

Craft the Message
Why they should anyone consider your book? Tell that story. Offer value. Be a great storyteller.

Get Traction
Book marketing is a numbers game. And about persistence. And professionalism. And passion.

NEXT ... To accomplish those four goals, you need a comprehensive digital book marketing campaign

Campaign Planning
Collects & manage campaign assets from one location

Unlimited Digital Press Kits
Develop an unlimited number of digital press kits (each with a unique URL)

Publicity Research
Access a publishing industry research database with 32,000+ records

Integrated Messaging
Integrate research results with customized emailing templates (similar to MailChimp)

Customized Marketing Plan
Create a step-by-step marketing plan to run an effective campaigns

Unlimited Webinars
Schedule & host an unlimited amount of live video Webinars with audiences around the world (similar to GoToWebinar)

Industry Networking
Access to a LinkedIn-type publishing industry network

Budgeting & Financial Tracking
Use interactive calculators to better manage the budgeting side of their book marketing

And finally ... Control those book marketing & publicity tasks from one place.
That's what Storiad offers authors (Watch the video)



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