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The author's Book Marketing GOAL is to reach as wide an audience as possible

FIRST ... Identify the four goals of a successful book marketing campaign

Identify Your Target Readers
Who are the people most likely too want to read, review, recommend, endorse, and/or buy your book

Create Marketing Assets
Organize your marketing materials into an informative and compelling narrative

Craft the Message
Why they should anyone consider your book? Tell that story. Offer value. Be a great storyteller.

Get Traction
Book marketing is a numbers game. And about persistence. And professionalism. And passion.

NOW ... To accomplish those four goals

Every author needs to perform ten tasks to run a successful book marketing campaign -











And finally ... Ten book marketing & publicity tasks, One platform

Storiad offers ten applications and databases, one for each of the ten tasks. All on one book marketing platform.

This is how the platform works --> 

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Need More Info?
A closer look at the Storiad Marketing Platform

Planning Platform

A fast and convenient way to organize and incorporate your book's marketing information into your digital campaign

Networking Platform

Like LinkedIn, the Storied Networking Platform introduces who you are as an author, why you write, how you write, and what you've written

Marketing Platform

The Storiad ePressKit™ (ePK) makes it quick and easy to integrate all the marketing and publicity materials related to your book on one compelling and interactive press kit

Research Database

Use the Storiad database of 28,900+ book industry people to identify and segment your target audience for more targeted marketing messaging

Messaging Platform

With your contact information collected and organized, marketing message customization and sending become easier

Marketing Plan Platform

Storiad's Marketing Plan Generator creates customized, step-by-step Marketing Plans to run a powerful campaign

Budgeting Platform

An effective way to measure the budgeting effectiveness of your digital campaign to reduce costs and increase revenues

Social Media Platform

You’re probably already marketing using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. Now you can customize and control your social media activities within the context of your bookselling campaign

Video Platform

This is the Virtual Author Event Platform. Think of this as an event at your local bookstore on a global scale. Webinars are a powerful way to meet and interact with your readers on a meaningful level

Market Intel Platform

Got questions? Got answers? Delve deeply into your target book market. Join the conversation and build a reputation in your chosen area of expertise or passion.

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