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The Storiad book publicity database makes book publicity research quick, easy, & affordable 

Every author needs to find those individuals and groups most likely to want to read, review, recommend, and/or buy the book. This takes time and effort. Storiad has done that work for you, saving you the [quite literally] 100s and 100s and 100s of hours required to search the Internet, sift through the sites, and copy & paste the applicable contact information.

Target those most likely to be interested in the book

Search the database by category type or keyword

Organize and manage search results in lists

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The Storiad book publicity database has 32,000+ records in 116 category silos 

Every book has a natural audience: general and specific. the Storiad book publicity database seeks to identify and categorize each of those general and specific target groups. It is an on-going process. If you do not find your target group listed below, Storiad will conduct that research for you. Free of charge. Simply all-out a form. Here are the current category silos:

Author Associations
Author Digital Platforms
Author Exposure
Author Platforms
Author Services
Author/Book Promo Sites
Author/Book Promo Sites (FB Page)
Authors (Children)
Bloggers – YA
Bloggers (Christian Women)
Bloggers (Christian)
Bloggers (Health Food)
Bloggers/Reviewers (Women’s Issues)
Book Awards
Book Awards (Self-Published)
Book Bloggers
Book Bloggers (Women Lit)
Book Blogs
Book Blogs (Young Adult)
Book Clubs
Book Distributors & Wholesalers
Book Festivals
Book Festivals (US)
Book Festivals/Conferences
Book Promotion Sites (Free)
Book Promotion Sites (Paid)
Book Publicists
Book Publicity Firms
Book Recommendation Sites
Book Review Blogs
Book Review Blogs (Publishers)
Book Review Sites
Book Reviewers
Book Submission Sites
Book Tours
Bookseller Association
Bookstore Blogs
Business Books
Facebook Pages (Book Groups)
Film/TV Production Companies
Film-related Services
Freelance Editors
Freelance Publicists
Future of Publishing Blogs
Illustrators (Children)
Independent Publishers (Australia)
Independent Publishers (UK)
Independent Publishers (US)
Independent Publishers (Canada)
Indie Bookstores (+Sells eBooks)
Instagram (Author)
Instagram (Book Blogger)
Journalists (Freelance)
Libraries (Online)
Literary Agents
Literary Agents / Editor Blogs
Literary Agents Children Books)
Literary Festivals
Literary Magazines
Literary Museums
Literary Non-Profits
Literary Societies
Literrary Attorneys
Magazines (Online)
Magazines (Print)
Mail Order Book Clubs
Major Publishers (UK)
Marketing / PR Blogs
Media Blogs
Media Outlets
Miscellaneous Blogs
Newspapers (Canada)
Newspapers Online
Parenting Websites
Public Libraries (USA)
Public Relations
Publisher Associations
Publishers (Business Books)
Publishers (Canada)
Publishers (Children’s)
Publishers (Specialist)
Publishing Blogs
Publishing House Blogs
Radio Stations
Reading Groups
Reviewers (Twitter)
Self-Publishing Companies
Specialty Site (Lit)
Streaming Radio (Australia)
Streaming Radio (Canada)
Streaming Radio (Ireland)
Streaming Radio (UK)
Streaming Radio (US)
Technology Blogs
Toy Stores (Large)
Twitter Lists
Twitter Reviewers
University Programs
Writers Associations
Writing Contests
Writing Groups
Writing Programs
YouTube Channels

The Storiad book publicity database is super easy to use

By super easy, we mean extra super easy. 1. Select category | 2. Read through the records. | 3. Save desired records to lists. | 4. Launch Messaging App. | 5. Start sending messages. Watch the short video below.

The Storiad book publicity database is included in the Pro Upgrade Package

There are other databases out there, but they are not dedicated exclusively to book publicity. Plus they are very expensive. See for yourself here. The Storiad book publicity database is included in the Pro Upgrade Package for $34.99/month. There first 7 days are free. Cancel anytime.

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