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Executive Summary

One Line Pitch: Storiad is a revenue generating book marketing software and database solutions company serving published authors by uniquely improving bookselling options.

Business Summary: Launched in 2011, Storiad has built a suite of bookselling networking, research, and marketing technology solutions offering published authors the opportunity to build and manage comprehensive, easy-to-use, and affordable digital bookselling campaigns for increased book sales.

Management: Co-Founders Ramzi S. Hajj and Nathan Tyler have funded, designed, and built Storiad. Ramzi is responsible for operations, marketing, and business development. Nathan is responsible for technology development and implementation.

Customer Problem: Every year, 850,000+ books are published in the US. The average book sells 250 copies. For most writers, the hard work of writing, editing and publishing results in disappointing sales. Storiad offers authors the tools they need to build and manage comprehensive, easy-to-use, long-lasting and affordable digital bookselling campaigns. All from a single, integrated dashboard.

Products/Services: Storiad offers solutions to every facet of the bookselling business. Products include 1) the Storiad Author Networking Platform, a LinkedIn-inspired, bookselling-oriented social networking service; 2) the Storiad ePressKit™, a Software as a Service (SaaS) marketing platform with customizable interactive options; and 3) the Book Industry Contacts Database a Database as a Service (DBaaS) book industry contacts database with 17,000+ records.

Target Market: Of the 850,000+ books published every year, fully 95% lack adequate marketing support from the publisher. Storiad targets those authors seeking affordable technology options to increase books sales. With an average US$750/year marketing spend per title, the bookselling market size exceeds US$640 million.

Sales/Marketing Strategy: For B2C interactions, Storiad uses integrated social media platforms to communicate directly with individual authors and author groups. For B2B interactions, we employ direct marketing outreach programs to communicate with publishing companies. In addition, we seek partnerships with digital media companies providing complementary services to published authors.

Business Model: Storiad generates revenue by offering authors a menu of ten basic and premium options from which to build and manage their digital bookselling campaigns. Premium options include: 1) planning & organization system @ US$9.95/campaign; 2) ePressKit™ @ US$29.95/month; 3) database access @ US$150/month; 4) video platform @ US$125/event; 5) messaging management service @ US$55/month; and 6) interactive campaign guidelines @ US$9.95/campaign.

Competitors: Our competitive threats are found in one or more of the following alternatives to Storiad services: 1) Do-it-Yourself marketing & publicity by authors themselves; 2) marketing & publicity services offered by book publishers (e.g., Random House, Kindle Direct Publishing) ; 3) large & boutique author marketing & publicity services companies (e.g. AuthorDen, Smith Publicity); and 5) freelance book marketing & publicity consultants. 

Competitive Advantage: No other company offers authors a unified technology platform from which to develop comprehensive and affordable bookselling campaigns featuring tools to integrate the networking, research, and marketing aspects of successful bookselling campaigns.

Contact: [email protected]626.676.4142

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