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How do I get started on Storiad?
Click here to create a free Storiad account.

How do I request a screen share tutorial session?
Storiad will work with authors to help them with every facet of their book marketing campaign. Click here to access the Scheduler page.

What do I get with a free Storiad account?
With a free Storiad account, you get access to the Portfolio function, as well as the Networking and budgeting calculator functions (similar to the LinkedIn free account)

How do I get Storiad to help me market my book?
Once your Storiad campaign is ready to go live, access and complete the form inside your Storiad Pro account (in the Portfolio section). Storiad will then promote your links on its various media networks.

When should I start using Storiad?
An industry "rule of thumb" says to start developing your book's marketing and publicity campaign two months before publication date and continue for at least two months after the book has become available for sale.

How do I cancel my Storiad Pro account?
To cancel your account, go to your Account tab, then Billing/Cancel. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation. You can restart your Storiad Pro account at any time in the future. All your uploaded information will be saved for three years.

How do I upgrade to Storiad Pro?
Click here to access the Storiad Pro upgrade page. Please remember: Try Storiad Pro free for Seven days. Cancel anytime.

For Publishers: How does Storiad benefit publishers?
Storiad is an ideal way to market your book marketing & publicity expertise to prospective clients. Storiad tech + your value-added expertise = a highly customizable product that sells books.

What do I get with an upgraded Storiad Pro account?
By upgrading to a the Pro Storiad account, you can:

  • Develop an unlimited number of digital press kits (each with a unique URL)
  • Access a publishing industry research database with 31,200+ records
  • Integrate research results with customized emailing templates (similar to MailChimp)
  • Schedule and host an unlimited amount of live video Webinars with audiences around the world (similar to GoToWebinar)
  • Generate a customized, step-by-step marketing plan to run an effective digital book marketing campaign

For Publishers: What kind of discount do I get?
Discounts are available to publishers who give five or more of their authors Storiad subscription. For more information, please see our "Publishers" page here. Or contact us for more details here.

For Publishers: What kind of support can I expect from Storiad?
Storiad works closely with Publishers to ensure they and tenor authors get the maximum benefits from Storiad technology and support. In particular:

  • A hosted webinar "How to Navigate the Book Marketing World: A Practical Guide"
  • Tech support to quickly and easily master the Storiad platform
  • Digital book marketing consulting
  • Additional market research
  • Marketing support

For more information, please see our "Publishers" page here. Or contact us for more details here.

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