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How Storiad Works: A Diagram

How Storiad Works: A Video

How Storiad Works
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A quick start guide

  1. Create a Storiad account here.
  2. Upgrade to Storiad Pro. It's free for seven days. Cancel anytime.
  3. Request a live, web-based session to discuss your book, your marketing strategy, and developing your Storiad digital campaign here.
  4. Need additional market research for your book? Simply fill-out a research request form, and Storiad will conduct the research. (Access link from inside your account)
  5. When you’re ready to launch your campaign, Storiad will promote your book via our media channels. (Access link from inside your account)
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Show, Don't Tell: Short videos that explain a lot 

An independent video review

What authors get with Storiad

A Storiad site demo

... and on the lighter side

Even More Info on Building Your Book Marketing Campaign

1. Planning

Use our drag-and-drop planning platform to collect, organize, display, and manage your bookselling-related information and marketing assets.

2. Networking

Develop a customized networking platform to be used in all coordinated networking initiatives.

3. Marketing

Develop a interactive marketing platform with the Storiad ePressKit™ to display marketing information about your book.

4. Research

Build a database to identify and collect information on those groups and individuals most likely to want to review, recommend, and/or buy your book.

5. Messaging

Develop a series of templates to facilitate the customization of targeting marketing and  publicity messages.

6. Social

Deploy a unified social media platform to coordinate your social profiles within the context of your digital bookselling campaign.

7. Video

Develop a series of live webinar-based events to offer target audiences the world over an interactive opportunity to get to know the author and the book.

8. Guidelines

Develop step-by-step networking, research and marketing guidelines to make it easy for you to run a systematic bookselling campaign.

9. Tracking

Install customizable data visualizations to track the effectiveness of the campaign to enhance informed marketing and business decisions related to your digital campaign.

10. Resources

Storiad will provide, on an as-needed basis, the resources and expertise you'll need to run an effective, long-term digital campaign.

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