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Your central hub for all your Storiad digital book campaign activity, the dashboard enables you to access your marketing plan, media kits, database research results, video feed, network, and much, much more.

Access Storiad's web-based platform from anywhere, on any device, including mobile.


Use the drag-and-drop planning platform to collect, organize, display, and manage your bookselling-related information and marketing assets.

  • Text
  • Static visuals
  • Book excerpts
  • Videos
  • And much more


Develop a customized industry networking platform to connect with -

  • Authors
  • Editors
  • Publishers
  • Bloggers

Media Kits

Develop a interactive marketing platform with the Storiad ePressKit™ to display marketing information about the book.

  • System auto-populates media kit from platform inputs
  • Customize “look and feel” of the press kit
  • Add additional marketing information, as needed
  • Create unlimited amount media kits to communicate with different target audiences

Publicity Database

Access publicity database of over 32,000 industry contacts to identify and collect information on those groups and individuals most likely to want to review, recommend, and/or buy book.

  • Database organized into over 115 distinct "category silo" for easy searching
  • Create unlimited amount of contact lists for messaging outreach efforts
  • Can't find relevant contacts? Complete a form, and Storiad will contact the requested research free.

Outreach Messaging

Develop a series of templates to facilitate the customization of targeting marketing and  publicity messages.

  • Customize messaging templates to correspond to saved contacts lists
  • Access preloaded messaging templates
  • Verify prepopulated contact information
  • Review and finalize marketing messages
  • Send marketing messages
  • Follow-up

Video Events

Develop a series of live webinar-based events to offer target audiences the world over an interactive opportunity to get to know the author and the book.

  • Schedule "virtual author events"
  • Customize video event details
  • Schedule event time and date
  • Send video event invitations via email and social media

Marketing Plan

Customize step-by-step networking, research and marketing guidelines to make it easy to run a systematic bookselling campaign.

  • Identify target audiences
  • Determine research strategy to find neccessary contact information
  • Craft appropriate outreach messaging
  • Set timing and budget parameters to run and manage book marketing campaign

An Integrated Digital Book Marketing Campaign Experience
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