How Storiad Works


Your Book as a Business

Our approach to bookselling is geared towards the author who views her/his book as the main revenue-generating asset of a small business.

Are you that kind of business-oriented author? If so, read on.

Getting Your Book Business off the Ground

We build customized digital bookselling campaigns that integrate networking, research, and marketing technologies into a powerful bookselling platform.

Speaking with Your Book Customers

NOW you have everything you'll need to find, connect and communicate with target readers in the informative, entertaining and memorable ways that sell books.

Keep Going!

Since you can run your campaign for as long as you’d like, you're in the perfect position to maximize your book's exposure. 

Let's Talk about the Business of Your Book

The following details how Storiad works with you, the author, to develop the tools and expertise you will need to build and manage a comprehensive, easy-to-use, long-lasting, and affordable digital bookselling campaign.

The Goal of your digital campaign is to get your book reviewed, recommended and bought.

The Success of your digital campaign is measured by 1) units sold; 2) positioning of your book on online places such as the Amazon Bestseller’s List; 3) traffic driven to your various author sites; and 4) conversion of that traffic into engaged readers (that is, those who buy outright, or those who share their contact information).

In particular, Storiad works with you to develop a comprehensive digital campaign employing the following ten integrated elements. Keep reading!

Building Your Digital Campaign

1. Planning

Implement a drag-and-drop planning platform to collect, organize, display, and manage your bookselling-related information and marketing assets

2. Networking

Develop a customized networking platform (via Storiad software) to be used in all coordinated networking initiatives (also see “Social”)

3. Marketing

Develop interactive marketing platform using the Storiad ePressKit to display marketing information about your book

4. Research

Build database to Identify and collect information on those groups & individuals most likely to want to review, recommend, and/or buy your book

5. Messaging

Develop series of templates to facilitate the customization of targeted marketing & publicity messages as determined by Research

6. Social

Deploy unified social media platform to coordinate your social profiles (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn) within the context of your digital bookselling campaign

7. Video

Develop series of live Webinar-based events to offer target audiences the world-over an interactive opportunity to get to know you and your book

8. Guidelines

Develop step-by-step networking, research & marketing guidelines to make it easy for you to run a systematic bookselling campaign

9. Tracking

Install customizable data visualizations to track the effectiveness of the campaign to enhance informed marketing and business decisions related to your digital campaign

10. Resources

Storiad will provide, on an as-needed basis, the resources and expertise you'll needs to run an effective long-term digital campaign

In Summary ...

Build Your Campaign

Campaign Structure_Transp_2

    Reach Your Readers


Sell More Books


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