How Storiad Works with Publishers

Helping Your Authors Sell More Books


Advantages for Your Authors on Storiad

Offer Storiad to your authors as an integral part of your "Author Marketing Package".

Your authors get everything they need a powerful bookselling campaign -

  • Access to an unlimited number of Digital Press Kits for targeted marketing
  • Access to Storiad's Industry Contacts Database of 27,000+ records for smarter market research
  • Access to the Messaging Platform that makes integrating and managing research and messaging a breeze
  • Access to customized Bookselling Campaign Plans providing practical, step-by-step guidelines for running effective, long-term campaigns
  • Access to the Virtual Author Tour to run cost-effective streaming author events to interact with prosective readers the worldwide
  • And much, much more

Getting started is easy -

  • Storiad works with you, the publisher, to develop a customized on-boarding plan for you and your authors
  • Once your authors are "up and running", Storiad provides on-going support

Budget-conscious pricing - 

  • $34.99/month, or $400/year
  • Free seven day trial 
  • Cancel any time
  • Pro-rated refunds

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