Frontlist + Backlist Solutions for Publishers
Give Your Authors a Competitive Advantage

Leverage your authors’ knowledge & passion to market their own books
(And boost your revenues)

Storiad understands publishers' book marketing challenges

Your authors' books are out there competing against LOTS of other titles

Budget Constraints
Your book marketing budget is limited, under strain, and needs a + ROI

Poor market awareness = Poor book sales = No one gets paid

Searching for Solutions
And so you need affordable answers to your poor book sales dilemmas 

Solutions: Digital book marketing campaigns from start to finish

Campaign Planning
Collects & manage campaign assets from one location

Unlimited Digital Press Kits
Develop an unlimited number of digital press kits (each with a unique URL)

Publicity Research
Access a publishing industry research database with 32,000+ records

Integrated Messaging
Integrate research results with customized emailing templates (similar to MailChimp)

Customized Marketing Plan
Create a step-by-step marketing plan to run an effective campaigns

Unlimited Webinars
Schedule & host an unlimited amount of live video Webinars with audiences around the world (similar to GoToWebinar)

Industry Networking
Access to a LinkedIn-type publishing industry network

Budgeting & Financial Tracking
Use interactive calculators to better manage the budgeting side of their book marketing

Training & Support Services

Understanding the Book Market
Storiad offers a live webinar "How to Navigate the Book Marketing World: A Practical Guide" to discuss the challenges authors face and practical means to address those challenges

Campaign Support
Every author gets live, web-based sessions to discuss their book, marketing strategy, and developing their Storiad digital book marketing campaign

Additional Database Research
If your authors need additional publicity research for their books, fill-out a research request form, and Storiad conducts the research.

Marketing Support
When your authors are ready to launch their campaign, Storiad will promote their campaigns via our media channels

Let's Talk Book Marketing

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