Our Vision


Thirty Second Elevator Pitch

Do you know how authors spend all this time and money writing, editing and publishing their books only to sell a handful of copies because they lack the guidance, tools, and budget to run effective bookselling campaigns to build market awareness? What Storiad does is offer authors the technologies, databases, and processes they need to develop, execute, and manage affordable digital bookselling campaigns so that they can build the market awareness that sells books.

Ten Second Elevator Pitch

Digital Book Marketing Made Easy | Eight Apps. One Platform | #DoBookMarketing better, faster, cheaper

The Book Market

Every year, 850,000+ new books are introduced into the US book market. On average, a title can expect to sell 250 units (physical books + eBooks), a dismal return on a potentially valuable asset. We’ve identified three salient characteristics of the bookselling market -

  1. 95%+ of published authors are responsible for their own book-marketing.
  2. Authors understand the importance of book marketing, yet lack the strategic plans, technologies, and budgets to run sustainable bookselling campaigns.
  3. Lack of market awareness leads to poor book sales.

Storiad's Value Proposition

Storiad addresses the problem of poor book sales by making it easy and affordable for authors to customize, execute, and manage sustainable digital bookselling campaigns.

With Storiad, authors develop customized bookselling campaigns using our software platforms (SaaS), market contact databases, and strategic plans & guidelines. The end product is a comprehensive, ready-to-use digital campaign consisting of the following integrated components - 

  1. Market Research Platform
  2. Networking Platform
  3. Marketing & Publicity Platform
  4. Campaign Management Platform
  5. Support

Going Forward

Taking our market feedback, we are moving towards a more automated/DIY business model to streamline the digital campaign development process.

We are expanding the Author Networking Platform into a “bookselling campaign dashboard” for all activities related to the author’s bookselling activities (i.e., campaign planning & organization, market research, networking, marketing, outreach communications, social media integration, interactive video platform, campaign guidelines, tracking & statistics, and resources & references). This allows for increased customization and functionality, while reducing costs.

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