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Are you a book publisher, literary agency or author group looking to provide your authors with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive publishing landscape? Look no further than Storiad — the ultimate platform for book marketing & book promotion.

At Storiad, we understand the challenges authors face when it comes to promoting their books effectively. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to empower authors & enhance their visibility in the market.

Solving Vexing Book Marketing Problems

Increased visibility and reach
A book promotion campaign can help an author reach a larger audience and increase the visibility of their book.
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Boost sales and revenue
A well-executed book promotion campaign can lead to increased sales and revenue for the author.
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Build author brand and reputation
A successful book promotion campaign can help establish the author as a reputable and credible source in their genre.
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Create buzz and excitement
A book promotion campaign can generate buzz and excitement around the book, leading to increased interest from readers.
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Establish connections with readers
A book promotion campaign can help authors connect with their readers and build a loyal fan base
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Increase book reviews and ratings
A book promotion campaign can lead to more reviews and higher ratings for the book, which can help attract new readers.
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Attract media attention
A successful book promotion campaign can attract media attention, leading to coverage in newspapers, magazines, and websites.
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Expand network of influencers
A book promotion campaign can help authors expand their network of influencers and industry contacts, which can lead to new opportunities and collaborations.
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Drive traffic to author website and social media:
A book promotion campaign can drive traffic to the author's website and social media platforms, increasing their online presence.
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Increase book longevity
A well-planned book promotion campaign can help extend the life of a book, ensuring that it continues to attract readers long after its initial release
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Comprehensive Marketing Solutions ⇒ From creating personalized marketing plans to accessing a database of over 44,000 media contacts, Storiad offers everything authors need to organize and execute successful book marketing campaign

Easy-to-Use Platform ⇒ With Storiad’s user-friendly interface and intuitive features, authors can easily manage their marketing efforts, track their progress, and stay organized throughout the publishing process.

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Intuitive Solutions: An Interactive Storiad Demo

Customizable Solutions ⇒ Whether you’re a publisher, literary agency, or author group, Storiad offers customizable solutions tailored to meet you +/or your authors’ specific book promotion needs & objectives.

AI-Powered Support ⇒ Our AI author-support bot, StoriA, provides authors with personalized guidance, recommendations, & practical (step-by-step) strategies to optimize their marketing efforts & reach their target audience more effectively with smart, on-target messages.

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Storiad Partnerships & Affiliate Program

Storiad partners with book publishers, literary agencies, bookstores, retailers, writing conferences, book review websites, bloggers, writing software companies, and literary events & festivals to provide authors with the support & resources they need to succeed.

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Join us in empowering authors and maximizing their success in the publishing world. Contact us today to learn more about partnership opportunities with Storiad. Together, let’s work towards the next chapter of success for your authors.

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