Sell More Books



The Problem

Every year, over 850,000 english-language books are published. 
The average title sells 250 copies. For too many authors, the hard
work of writing, editing, and publishing results in disappointing sales.

Every book deserves to find its audience.

The Solution

Every successful digital bookselling campaign integrates smart research, networking, and marketing plans and tools to send the right message to the right reader at the right time.

This requires planning and good tools.


Storiad offers authors the tools they need to build
and manage comprehensive, easy-to-use,
long-lasting, and affordable digital bookselling campaigns.

All from a single, integrated dashboard.

 Build Your Campaign

Campaign Structure_Transp_2

       Reach Your Readers


Here's the Storiad Approach to Digital Bookselling Campaigns

1. Planning

Our Planning Platform is a drag-and-drop system that makes it easy to collect, organize, display, and manage the bookselling-related information and marketing assets. Show Me

2. Networking

The Author Networking Platform is a LinkedIn-inspired, bookselling-oriented social networking service. Show Me

3. Marketing

The Storiad ePressKit™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) marketing platform with customizable interactive options. Show Me

4. Research

Our Book Industry Contacts Database is a Database as a Service (DBaaS) book industry contacts database with 17,000+ records. Show Me

5. Messaging

Similar to Mail Chimp, authors customize their messaging campaigns, send emails, and track results (upgraded version coming soon!Show Me

6. Social

Similar to Hootsuite, authors control their various social profiles (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn) within the context of their Storiad bookselling campaign (Upgraded version coming soon!Show Me

7. Video

Our Virtual Author Event Platform is a Webinar-based platform that takes traditional local author events to an interactive worldwide level. Show Me

8. Guidelines

Our step-by-step networking, research, and marketing guidelines make it easy for authors run effective bookselling campaigns. Show Me

9. Tracking

Customizable data visualizations of the effectiveness of authors’ bookselling campaigns allows for informed marketing and business decisions. Show Me

10. Resources

Similar to Evernote, authors and bookselling professionals seek and/or post answers to bookselling-related issues. Show Me

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