Planning Campaigns

Author Action Plans

From start to finish, Author & Book Discovery campaigns follow step-by-step Author Action Plans (AAPs). AAPs outline how to: Convey to readers who your authors are, why they write, how they write, and what they’ve written >>> Organize marketing assets to spotlight the who/why/how/what of your authors and their writing >>> Build interactive marketing and publicity platforms >>> Research target readership bases >>> Personalize the outreach messages.

>>> Hooray for plans! Now let’s start building.

Organizing Assets

The Building Blocks

Storiad collects and organizes your authors’ relevant book marketing and publicity assets. We then use these assets to build interactive author and book narratives. The collection process is efficient and painless. From published short stories, to book trailers, to author videos, to brochures, to reviews, to advance review copies, we make it easy to drag-and-drop files into a shared folder.

>>> Now let’s get these book marketing and publicity assets working for your authors.


Building Interactive Narratives

Telling Compelling Stories

With the book marketing and publicity assets in place, Storiad builds the interactive narratives of who authors are, why they write, how they write, and what they’ve written. Next, everything book-related is incorporated into the proprietary Storiad ePressKit™, providing ready-access to everything readers need to make informed decisions about your authors and their books. Click here for more about the ePressKit™. Click here for the Authors + Storiad experience.

>>> Almost there … Now it’s time to find your readers.

Engaging Audiences

Campaigns in Motion

Let’s find and engage those people most interested in reading, reviewing, recommending, and/or buying your book. Here’s how>>> Identify individuals within targeted groups on Storiad’s proprietary database of 15,000+ book bloggers & reviewers, reading & writing groups, book clubs, lit mags, and other types of “book people” >>> Create personalized messages >>> Attach the ePressKit™ to those messages >>> Send >>> Repeat. Click here for full Campaign details.

>>> Engaged audiences are receptive audiences. And receptive audiences buy books.