Modernize Your Book Marketing

Run successful marketing campaigns for authors with the Storiad platform.
Go about selling books in a better, smarter way.

Manage Your Campaigns from a Centralized Dashboard

Get Organized

Organize and manage your campaign-related information and assets on Storiad. We'll guide you through creating a marketing plan and give you the tools to execute it effectively. Generate a Digital Press Kit in one click.

Conduct Market Research

Storiad offers a proprietary Book Industry Contacts Database of 27,900+ records. Search the database and save relevant contacts who will be interested in your book.

Coordinate Outreach Efforts

Send personalized messages from the streamlined messaging system in your Storiad Dashboard.  It's never been easier to reach people in the business of reading, reviewing, recommending, and buying books.

Build an Audience and Sell Books

Harness the power of video. Host virtual author chats & readings with your Storiad account. Subscribe fans to mailing lists and encourage them to follow you on social media.

Dashboad_Storiad Platform

If You Need to Market a Book, Storiad is for You


Publishers looking to ways for to help their authors sell more books with long-lasting marketing & publicity campaigns


Contracted Authors seeking to supplement the marketing & publicity they're receiving from their publishers


Independent Authors ready to build & manage a long-running book marketing & publicity campaign


Book Marketing & Publicity Consultants looking for additional tools to help their author-clients sell more books

A Storiad Video Overview in 5 Minutes

Build and manage long-lasting bookselling campaigns to sell more books.

Getting Books Marketed & Sold with Storiad

The book market is incredibly competitive. Over a million new books are introduced a year in the US alone. Any one book will have to find and communicate with its target audience. That is what a good book marketing campaign can do.

How can Storiad work for you?

Storiad's integrated platform helps you plan and execute the essential tasks of successful book marketing campaign. Here are a few examples -

Industry Contacts Database (Research): Storiad's  bookselling industry contacts Database has 27,900+ records. Save, organize, and integrate search results into outreach messaging targeted to those people in the book business.

Digital Press Kit (Marketing asset development): The Storiad Digital Press Kit app makes it a snap to create an unlimited amount of press kits, each with a unique URL. Now, every target market gets a targeted message.

The Messaging app automatically populates all campaign information and research results into messaging templates of your choice. Send, track, and follow-up on your messages in a quick, orderly fashion.

Marketing & Publicity Plan Generator (Business planning): Use the Storiad Marketing & Publicity Plan Generator to create a custom, step-by-step Marketing & Publicity Plan to run a smart campaign.

And (of course!) much more.
We'd love to learn more about your book marketing needs and give you a personal tour of the platform. Drop us a note in the form, and we'll be in touch!

Ready to learn more? Let's schedule a ten minute online demo of the Storiad platform.

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