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The #1 Reason to Try Storiad

Problem:  “Today more than 300,000 books are released every year by traditional U.S. publishers – and more than a million are released by nontraditional ones, many as self-published books.” - The Content Trap, Bharat N. Anand, Henry R. Byers Professor of Business Administration in the Strategy Unit at Harvard Business School and faculty chair of the HBX initiative. 

Solution:  Get your book noticed, reviewed, recommended and bought.  Use Storiad to do just that.

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With Storiad

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A quick start guide

  1. Create a Storiad account here.
  2. Upgrade to Storiad Pro. It's free for seven days. Cancel anytime.
  3. Request a live, web-based session to discuss your book, your marketing strategy, and developing your Storiad digital campaign here.
  4. Need additional market research for your book? Simply fill-out a research request form, and Storiad will conduct the research. (Access link from inside your account)
  5. When you’re ready to launch your campaign, Storiad will promote your book via our media channels. (Access link from inside your account)
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What Do Authors Get with a Storiad Digital Book Marketing Campaign?

Book Market Research? You bet 

Storiad's Publishing Industry Contacts Database has 27,900+ records of people in the publishing industry

Marketing Asset Development? Check

Storiad's Digital Press Kit app makes it a snap to create an unlimited amount of press kits

Messaging Platform? Done

With Storiad's Messaging app, draft, send, track, and follow-up on your messaging quick, neatly, smartly

Virtual Author Events? Of course

Storiad's live webinar platform makes it easy to connect with & market to target audiences the world over

Networking Platform? Mmm hmm

Storiad's networking platform connects publishing industry professionals

Marketing Plan? Yes, indeed

Storiad's Marketing Plan Generator creates customized, step-by-step Marketing Plans to run powerful campaigns

Effortlessly run a digital book marketing campaign

At long last, take control of the financial fate of your book. Build and manage a long-running digital book marketing campaign that reaches the right readers with the right message at the right time.

  • Get organized
  • Conduct book market research
  • Develop book marketing assets
  • Coordinate messaging outreach efforts
  • Host a live-stream webinars
  • Build a worldwide audience
  • Sell more books

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Personalized for you

Organize and manage your campaign-related information and assets on Storiad. The system auto-populates throughout your campaign.

Generate a digital press kit in one click. Create multiple press kits, each with a unique URL, each for a specific audience

Conduct research into your book’s unique market on a proprietary Book Industry Contacts Database of 27,900+ records. All your research activities in one place

Send customized emails from the streamlined messaging system. The Storiad system auto-populates emails with your campaign’s info. Edit message as needed.

Run your digital book marketing campaign with a customized marketing plan. The Storiad Marketing Plan Wizard makes the whole process a snap.

Use the budgeting and accounting tools to manage earnings and expenses.

Get started simply and quickly

When you're ready to get serious about the business of book marketing, getting up and running in no time

It’s easy to set up your free account in seconds, and help’s available if you should ever need it.

Even if you suspend your campaign for a period of time, your information is stored on our servers for one year. Restart anytime

Any future Storiad upgrades will automatically be added to your campaign. You’ll always be on the cutting edge of book marketing technology


Intuitive features, powerful results

Storiad takes the vital tasks book marketing & publicity departments perform & bundles them on an easy-to-use platform.  Storiad is versatile enough to help anyone become a proficient book marketer. There’s no wrong way to use Storiad & nothing to lose by getting started. You’ll be surprised how creative & rewarding book marketing can be.

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Getting started

You're ready to get serious about the business of bookselling. You're ready to start the process.

Technology & know-how

Storiad offers the technology and practical guidance that will help you sell more books.

More books sold

You're running your book marketing campaign. You're selling more books. You're in a good place. Cheers!

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