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Before Storiad
Before Storiad

The #1 Reason to Try Storiad

Problem:  “Today more than 300,000 books are released every year by traditional U.S. publishers – and more than a million are released by nontraditional ones, many as self-published books.” - The Content Trap, Bharat N. Anand,  Professor of Business Administration in the Strategy Unit at Harvard Business School

Solution:  Get your book noticed, reviewed, recommended, and bought.  Use Storiad to do just that.

With Storiad
With Storiad

What do authors get with a Storiad Digital Book Marketing Campaign?

Book Market Research? You bet 

Access a one-of-a-kind book publicity database of 32,000+ contact records. Learn more

Marketing Asset Development? Check

Storiad's Digital Press Kit app makes it a snap to create an unlimited amount of press kits

Messaging Platform? Done

With Storiad's Messaging app, draft, send, track, and follow-up on your messaging quick, neatly, smartly

Virtual Author Events? Of course

Storiad's live webinar platform makes it easy to connect with & market to target audiences the world over

Networking Platform? Mmm hmm

Storiad's networking platform connects publishing industry professionals

Marketing Plan? Yes, indeed

Storiad's Marketing Plan Generator creates customized, step-by-step Marketing Plans to run powerful campaigns

Effortlessly Run a Digital Book Marketing Campaign

Build and manage a long-running digital book marketing campaign that reaches the right readers with the right message at the right time.

Organize and manage your campaign-related information and assets on Storiad. The system auto-populates throughout your campaign.

Generate a digital press kit in one click. Create multiple press kits, each with a unique URL, each for a specific audience

Conduct research into your book’s unique market on a proprietary Book Industry Contacts Database of 27,900+ records. All your research activities in one place

Send customized emails from the streamlined messaging system. The Storiad system auto-populates emails with your campaign’s info. Edit message as needed.

Run your digital book marketing campaign with a customized marketing plan. The Storiad Marketing Plan Wizard makes the whole process a snap.

Use the budgeting and accounting tools to manage inflows and outflows

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Intuitive features, powerful results

Storiad takes the vital tasks book marketing & publicity departments perform & bundles them on an easy-to-use platform.  Storiad is versatile enough to help anyone become a proficient book marketer. There’s no wrong way to use Storiad & nothing to lose by getting started. You’ll be surprised how creative & rewarding book marketing can be.

Getting started

You're ready to get serious about the business of bookselling. You're ready to start the process.

Technology & know-how

Storiad offers the technology and practical guidance that will help you sell more books.

More books sold

You're running your book marketing campaign. You're selling more books. You're in a good place. Cheers!

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An Independent Review of Storiad

Storiad integrates eight essential digital book marketing Apps on One Platform. See how much money you can save on your book marketing.
> Video running time: 1:50

Storiad integrates eight essential digital book marketing Apps on One Platform. See how much money you can save on your book marketing.
> Video running time: 1:50

Jenna Moreci reviews Storiad in her uniquely professional, insightful, and irreverent way.

> Video running time: 1:50

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