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Get Storiad’s Book Publicity & Media Contacts Database of  46,881 records … and counting. Find & contact book bloggers, book reviewers, book clubs, YouTubers, podcasters, magazines, newspapers, radio stations … and much, MUCH more.

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With Storiad, cutting-edge technology meets the world of book marketing and promotion. Meet StoriA—the AI-powered author support bot designed to revolutionize your book promotion business.

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Book Organization

Organize Your Books into Projects

Assemble all of your backlist, current, and upcoming books into highly-organized projects within minutes. Have multiple books in your catalog of work? Easily organize by title, ISBN or even genre! We’ll organize all of your book’s details into a project for you in seconds with metadata, visuals, excerpts, and any marketing information and assets you’ll want to easily access during the bookselling phase!

Keep your books and marketing assets organized for easy access

Plan Your Book Marketing Campaign

Not sure where and how to market your book to its target audience? Need to set up timing & budget parameters for your marketing campaign? Use Storiad’s Marketing Plan Wizard to generate  customized, practical & easy-to-execute book marketing plans.

Book Marketing Campaign
Use the Marketing Plan Wizard to create a custom marketing strategy
Digital Media Kit

Build Your Own Author Website

Create a 100% customizable Author Website. Drag-and drop design. Customized URL. Easy to maintain. With one click, you’re live & good to go.

Quickly design and launch a custom author website using the drag-and-drop builder

Reach Out to Book Influencers Through Storiad's Book Publicity Media Database

Gain access to the Storiad Book Publicity Database of over 40,000 verified book publicity contacts. Easily locate publishers, publicists, journalists, librarians, bookstores, podcasters, influencers, book clubs, study guides, submission guidelines, award sources, and much more. You can even categorize your target contacts into saved lists and use our messaging feature to reach out to all of them directly! The best part? Saving hundreds of hours manually searching and tracking down the right contact’s addresses across the internet.

Book Publicity Database
Access a huge database of 46,000+ verified book publicity contacts

Email Messaging Integration

Storiad’s powerful email integration enables you to perform your marketing and publicity outreach from one place. Your lists and templates are automatically integrated into customized, professional messages ready for your review. Say “goodbye” to jumping between tabs, or exporting contact lists in and out of separate platforms.

It’s easy to manage your outreach email campaign

Manage Your Digital Book Marketing Campaign's Budgeting and Finance

Ever wonder how much your book is worth? Storiad’s powerful financial tools make it a snap to calculate your book’s worth, estimate revenue from royalties, generate a Title Profit & Loss Statement, and plan your campaign’s budget.

Book Finance Tools
Use the Storiad Book Title Profit & Loss Calculator + the Book Worth Calculator to keep track of your book’s finances

Build Your Public Profile Author Page

Your Storiad Public Profile Author Page is a streamlined, shareable version of your Storiad profile that shows up in search engine results, and is visible to people who aren’t signed in to Storiad

And … the Storiad Author Page is FREE when you sign up for a Forever Free account!

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