Create Your Own Author Page

Build a Free dedicated Author Page without the hassle of designing and actively maintaining one! Social Media and email the Author icons, Autobiography highlights, focus on backlist, current or forthcoming titles and many more useful options. 

Organization & Marketing

Organize Your Book Into Project Portfolios

Easily arrange your book portfolios into incredibly-organized projects to include top-level information, metadata, visuals, excerpts, and any marketing information and assets you’ll want to easily access during the bookselling phase.

Create a Full-Spectrum Marketing Plan

Use the Storiad Marketing Plan Wizard to easily identify your book’s target audience, determine a market research strategy, craft appropriate outreach messaging, and set up timing and budget parameters for your book’s marketing campaign.

Design Unlimited Digital Media Kits

Think of your digital media kit as an advertisement for your book. The more informative and entertaining it is, the more book sales you’ll achieve. With Storiad, you can create an unlimited number of fully-customizable digital press kits to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Book Marketing Campaign
Book Publicity Database


Access Our Up-to-Date Book Publicity Contacts Database

Gain access to the Storiad Book Publicity Database of over 50,700 verified book publicity contacts. We’ve organized contacts into over 300 “category silos” for super-easy searching. So now finding book bloggers & reviewers, bookstores, book clubs, journalists, radio stations, and many, many more “book people” has never been easier. (Pssst: we just saved you hundreds of hours of searching the Internet.

Organize Your Next Book Publicity Campaign

Organizing your outreach has never been easier. Create and save lists of relevant publicity contacts you found in the database, and develop custom publicity outreach templates to ensure you send the right message to the right contacts—all with the click of a button.

Messaging & Outreach

Reach Out to Book Publicity Contacts with Our Email Integration

Storiad’s quick and powerful email integration enables you to perform your marketing and publicity outreach from one place. Your lists and templates are automatically integrated into a customized, professional message ready for your review. Say “goodbye” to jumping between tabs, or exporting contact lists in and out of separate platforms.

Create and Host Video Webinars for Your Audience

Develop, schedule, and launch a series of live webinar-based events to offer your target audiences an interactive opportunity to get to know you and your book(s).

Digital Media Kit
Book Finance Tools

Financial Calculator & Tools

Calculate Your Book's Worth & Royalties

Ever wonder how much your book is worth? Storiad’s book financials calculators help you generate scenarios to assess your book’s worth at different sales & expenses levels. (Spoiler Alert: the more books you sell, the more your book is worth. That’s why you’re on Storiad!)

Record Your Book's Title P&L for Tax Purposes

Not an accounting expert? No problem! Storiad helps you create a Title Profit & Loss Statement to track your book’s finances.

Guidance & Customer Support

Learn the Basics with Our Learning Management System

Access Storiad’s Learning Management System (or “LMS” for short) to find practical, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides for learning how to successfully market your book through the Storiad platform.

Receive Live Customer Support from Our Team

Here at Storiad, our small but nimble team is completely dedicated to ensuring all customers achieve book marketing success through our platform. We make ourselves available for calls, demos, and anything else you might need, whenever you need it. Here’s the bottom line: we love authors. We love books. And we want every book to find its market. 

Market Research Support

Gain access to the latest book market trends by consulting directly with your Storiad reps. We can share valuable information using our data analytics processed from information pulled directly from NPD Bookscan, the largest source of information for worldwide book sales.

Community & Networking

Storiad Community Groups

Storiad Groups provides a place to connect with other Storiad users in safe, secure environments. Create your own groups focused on your specific interests and meet like-minded members who want to network, share challenges and victories or just promote their latest projects.

Weekly Education Events

Take advantage of our weekly events focused on specific areas of the Storiad applications. Dig deeper into all of the many tools and tricks Storiad has up its sleeve and discuss what you’ve discovered with your fellow Storiad users.

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