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Make Your Digital Press Kit in Minutes

Just enter some details about your book, and Storiad generates a professional digital press kit for you – think of it as a one-page website dedicated to promoting your book! If you want to customize it, it's easy to change with our drag-and-drop editor. You'll be ready to send out your digital press kit to everyone interested in your book.

Find the People Waiting to Discover Your Book

Storiad offers a Book Industry Contacts Database of 27,900+ records. Search the database and find relevant contacts who are most likely to be interested in reading, reviewing, recommending, endorsing and buying your book. Save searches, manage contacts lists, and follow-up on communications quickly and easily.

Send Customized Messages to Your Contact Lists

Storiad's messaging platform makes it easy to target the industry contacts you find in our database and to customize your message to each one efficiently. Start with a templated message and easily personalize it with the contact's information we have ready for you.

Plan Your Marketing Campaign

Storiad helps you jumpstart your marketing campaign with a simple quiz, and then walks you through customizing it based on your audience.

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