Meet Our Pro Features

Our Pro plan comes fully stocked with six premium features and no limits on where you can go with your books and our platform.

Unlimited Digital Media Kits

Create an unlimited number of digital media kits, each with their own unique and shareable URL.

Marketing Plan Wizard

Use our Marketing Plan Wizard to easily create a step-by-step digital marketing plan for your book.

Publicity Contacts Database

Access our private database of over 33,000 verified book publicity contacts.

Email Integration

Integrate your saved contacts lists and templates into a customized, professional email message and hit send!

Webinar Integration

Schedule and host an unlimited amount of live webinar-based events with audiences around the world.

Industry Networking

Create and share your a profile on our in-app social network built exclusively for the publishing industry.

"Basically from the moment I received my marketing plan [from Storiad's Marketing Plan Wizard], I was like, 'Oh yeah, I'm approving this platform for my audience.' And it only got better."
Jenna Moreci
Enterprising Author + YouTuber

Our Pricing


Ideal for first-time authors
Current Plan
  • Unlimited Projects (Books)
  • Access to Networking
  • Publicity Campaign Organizer
  • Book Worth Calculator
  • Book Royalty Calculator
  • Title P&L Calculator
  • Learning Management System


Ideal for emerging and established authors
$ 35 Billed Monthly
  • Unlimited Projects (Books)
  • Unlimited Digital Media Kits
  • Marketing Plan Wizard
  • Publicity Campaign Organizer
  • Publicity Contacts Database
  • Email Integration
  • Webinar Integration
  • Book Worth Calculator
  • Book Royalty Calculator
  • Title P&L Calculator
  • Learning Management System


Ideal for publishers and freelance publicists
Custom Pricing
  • All Storiad Pro Features
  • White-labeled Dashboard
  • Personalized Onboarding
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Discounted Pricing Plans

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