Introducing StoriA: Storiad’s AI Book Marketing Assistant for Authors (Part One)

Hiya from StoriA! An Introduction

Introducing StoriA, your personal AI Book Promotion assistant exclusively from Storiad.

Get ready to supercharge your book marketing, your book publicity, your overall book promotion experience with StoriA, the AI assistant on the Storiad platform designed to help authors make the most of their writing process. With StoriA by your side, you can access personalized guidance, helpful insights, and expert tips to take your writing to the next level. Here’s how StoriA can assist you in using Storiad software and database features effectively:

Personalized Guidance

StoriA provides personalized guidance tailored to your specific writing needs, helping you stay organized and focused as you work on your projects. Whether you need help brainstorming ideas, refining your plot, or perfecting your characters, StoriA can offer valuable suggestions and feedback to support your creative process.

Writing Tools and Features

StoriA can help you navigate the numerous writing tools and features available on the Storiad platform, ensuring that you make the most of the resources at your disposal. From managing your submissions and tracking your progress to accessing valuable writing resources, StoriA can help streamline your writing workflow and enhance your productivity.

Database Integration

By leveraging StoriA’s insights and suggestions, you can effectively use Storiad’s database features to connect with industry professionals, explore thousands of book publicity opportunities, and showcase your available titles to a wider audience. StoriA can help you optimize your author profile, craft compelling pitch letters, identify potential partners or collaborators to elevate your writing career, and SOOOO much more.


StoriA is your trusted companion on Storiad, empowering you to unlock your full writing potential and achieve your literary goals. With StoriA’s support, you can harness the power of Storiad’s software and database features to enhance your writing experience and propel your author journey forward. Embrace StoriA’s assistance and embark on a writing adventure like never before.