The debut of Storiad’s brand new feature. Your dedicated Author Page!

The Storiad Author Page is here!

Every author knows the importance of having a dedicated author page (you can also think of it as an author website). 

Now Storiad makes it easier than ever to have one without the hassle of designing and actively maintaining one.

Oh, and the Storiad Author Page is FREE when you sign up for a Storiad Forever Free account.

It is imperative for authors to have a well-designed and informative Author Page if they are serious about the business of book marketing.

Why? Because every book is a valuable product in a competitive book marketplace. Authors need to make it easy for their audience to make the decision to read, review, recommend, and/or buy their book as easy and compelling as possible.

The Storiad Author Page does just that by conveying the author’s book marketing message in a clean and direct way. 

No bells. 

No whistles. 

It’s all business – the way an author page should be.

Let’s take a look.

The Profile Page 

  • Social media connections icons – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Intsagram, Pinterest, etc
  • Email the author icon
  • “Get to know me” questionnaire that includes the following questions
  • Tagline: Me … in a Few Sentences
    • A Few Autobiographical Words
    • Education, Credentials & Honors
    • Bragging Rights
    • Why I Write – The Philosophy Behind the Words
    • Indispensable Artistic Influences
    • My Favorite Books – And Why!
    • My Writing Style
    • My Writing Process
    • Getting Published!
    • Professional & Literary Affiliations
    • … and more

The Projects Page

  • Listing of all backlist, current, and forthcoming titles, including book covers.
  • For those authors who have upgraded to Storiad Pro, Storiad ePressKIts are viewable here as well.
  • Social media connections icons
  • Email the author icon

Clean, easy-to-navigate, and (most importantly) very informative. 

You’ve made the decision to read, review, recommend, and/or buy your book that much easier for your audience.

Click here if you’d like to see the live version of a sample Author Page.

Storiad is dedicated to helping authors sell more books. Drop us a line with your thoughts.