Top 12 YouTube Channels for Self-Publishers in 2020

Top 12 YouTube Channels for Self-Publishers in 2020

Looking for a wonderfully-organized list of the top YouTube channels for self-publishers in 2020?

Call off the search. 🤚🔦

We here at Storiad decided to spend the start of the year sorting through all—and we do mean all—of the top-ranking YouTube channels for self-publishers. Then, we compiled them into a nice, easily-readable list just for you (okay maybe not just for you, but you are who we had in mind).

We feel each YouTube channel on this list has consistently delivered awesome value through their helpful tutorials, learnings, and generally awesome personalities. On top of that, we believe these specific channels are poised for subscriber growth and greatness in the new year.

So, ready to meet the self-publishing gurus that are sure to earn your subscribe + help you successfully navigate the self-publishing world in 2020?

Without further ado, here are our picks for the top 12 YouTube channels for self-publishers for 2020.

Self-Publishing with Dale

Of course, there’s no one that covers self-publishing in an as enthusiastic, and thorough, manner as our guy, Dale Roberts.

Dale is a successful, full-time self-publisher that has been sharing his self-publishing learnings and experiences on keyword research for self-publishers, marketing for self-publishers, and way more for over five years now. His videos aren’t just a high-level overview of things, either—they’re detailed (but fun) drill-downs into subjects that all self-publishers truly care about.

In our opinion, Dale’s easily the most consistent and insightful content creator in the self-publishing world as of late, and we think 2020 is going to be a huge year for him, his YouTube channel, and of course, his subscribers in search of valuable self-publishing guides and tutorials.

Check out and subscribe to Self-Publishing with Dale

Writing with Jenna Moreci

“And now, welcome to the stage… Jenna Moreci!!”

We had to give Jenna her own special introduction. Jenna is truly a must-follow author, YouTuber, and cyborg who is single-handedly making the world a better place for writers (if not by her incredible writing tips and trope talk videos, than by incredibly valuable videos on the business of writing).

Beyond being one of our favorite personalities on YouTube (she keeps it realer than real), Jenna is also a friend and fan of Storiad. But that didn’t sway our opinion even the slightest when putting together this list—Jenna is one of the most-subscribed YouTube channels for self-publishers on this list, with nearly 200,000 subscribers. That should say something about how valuable her channel has become.

Check out and subscribe to Writing with Jenna Moreci (and frickin’ smash that subscribe! She’s at 199k at the time of writing this—let’s get her to 200k!)

Heart Breathings with Sarra Cannon

Alright, so this is a completely newfound channel for us in 2020. Just two days ago, we came across Heart Breathings while researching YouTube channels for self-publishers that specifically had awesome success stories (hint: the video about was ranking pretty well). Despite us just coming across her channel, Sarra has been in the self-publishing world for more than ten years!

Sarra authors fiction books herself, but we think any self-publisher would benefit nicely from subscribing to her channel. In particular, we’re huge fans of her How to Plot Your Novel and How to Edit Your Novel series. But maybe we’re just suckers for well-structured playlists that actually give practical advice to self-publishers and indie authors.

Check out and subscribe to Heart Breathings with Sarra Cannon

Bethany Atazadeh

Bethany Atazaden is a pro-YouTuber, although to be more accurate, Bethany is a pro-AuthorTuber. While her channel doesn’t have the absolute most subscribers of those on this list, her content is awesome and her videos are JAM-PACKED with value, including an ongoing series on book marketing for self-publishers (we here at Storiad are blushing—finally someone gets how important it is to market your book!).

In addition to her book marketing playlist, Bethany covers tons of self-publishing how-tos, from organizing your own book signing event in 2020, to NaNoWriMo hacks and working with beta readers (something a lot of self-publishers could benefit from). Bethany’s channel posts content each Thursday, and is definitely worth a nice click of the subscribe button for self-publishers looking to market their books in 2020.

Check out and subscribe to Bethany’s YouTube Channel

Gillian Perkins

There’s a good chance that we’re not the first people to introduce you to Gillian Perkins’ YouTube channel. Gillian is the YouTube channel for self-publishers with the largest amount of subscribers on our list (over 329k subs!).

While not all of Gillian’s content pertains to self-publishers (she creates a lot of content around productivity, #GirlBoss, and business), her videos on self-publishing are absolutely top-notch in quality and great for self-publishers. In addition to her video embedded above, we love this 5-min video on the best way to self-publish in 2020.

Check out and subscribe to Gillian’s YouTube Channel

Emeka Ossai

Emeka Ossai is a newer name on the list, but for good reason. In addition to being a successful self-publisher with a strong focus on Amazon, he’s also an educator who does a fantastic job of treating his subscribers like front-row students.

We love how professional Emeka is in his videos, as well as his YouTube channel’s entire series of student success stories. If you’re a self-publisher looking for educational content on actually bring in the big books with your next book, definitely consider hitting the subscribe button on his channel.

Check out and subscribe to Emeka’s YouTube Channel

iWriterly with Meg LaTorre

Alright, so we know the video above isn’t exactly directed at self-publishers, but it’s actually sort of a super interesting one that translates well for self-publishers who want to make the start of their books compelling for readers (or just need reinforcement on why they avoided traditional publishing in the first place). Anyways, like most of iWriterly’s content, it’s a really solid watch from an awesome YouTube channel.

At the helm of iWriterly is Meg LaTorre, an author who previously worked at a lit agency—so her YouTube channel covers her learnings and understanding of the traditional publishing world, as well as self-publishing, which totally checks out.

Interestingly enough, we actually learned about iWriterly and Meg from Jenna Moreci, who said iWriterly posts fantastic content for all types of authors, and whose subscriber base is growing rapidly (we’ve been keeping an eye on it since the beginning of this month and can confirm).

Check out and subscribe to iWriterly’s YouTube Channel

Hannah Lee Kidder

Before we even jump in, I just want to point out Hannah’s shirt in the thumbnail. I’m a male, and NEVER, has it occurred to me that Dr. Pepper could very well be a female (I’m all for it). If that’s any tell of Hannah’s personality, which is as authentic as it is hilarious, her YouTube channel is perfect for you.

Hannah’s YouTube channel covers heaps of writing and editing how-tos, like how to write better fight scenes and to simple-but-overlooked insights like how to write an author bio. While her content isn’t full-blown, live-or-die, self-publishing-based (that was a lot of hyphens), we’re throwing her on the list because she just rules and her channel is quickly growing into an awesome resource for self-publishers who want to sharpen their writing skills while also getting a healthy dose of realist humor.

Check out and subscribe to Hannah Lee Kidders’ YouTube Channel

Mandi Lynn

Hey look, it’s Mandi Lynn! Mandi published her very first novel at the age of seventeen and now dishes out writing and marketing tutorials and tips for self-publishers (she’s been at it since 2011, too).

While self-publishers will find a wide array of content on Mandi’s YouTube channel, like her very own fun father-daughter dance compilation from her wedding, she’s got some super intriguing videos that focus on hitting huge writing goals in a given period of time (like writing 50,000 words in one month). If you’re looking to bulk up your word-per-month or even word-per-day as a self-publisher, there’s a very strong change Mandi already has the perfect help video for you.

Check out and subscribe to Mandi Lynn’s YouTube Channel

Self Publishing Formula with Mark Dawson

Self Publishing Formula with Mark Dawson is one of the other new YouTube channels for self-publishers we’ve stumbled upon in the last few weeks, and man, we’re glad we did. Mark definitely knows his sh*t.

While a fair share of this the Self Publishing Formula’s content comes in the version of long-form video podcasts, we have to say that Mark absolutely nails great conversational topics for self-publishers, like figuring out the right keywords and categories for your book on Amazon. We’ve still got some digging to do, but between what we’ve watched and listened to, as well as his on-point branding, we’re confident this deserves a subscribe for 2020.

Check out and subscribe to Self Publishing Formula with Mark Dawson

Kindlepreneur with Dave Chesson

Ah, Kindlepreneur. There’s a very good chance you’ve already come across the Kindlepreneur YouTube Channel, as they do a fantastic job of covering and reviewing the self-publisher tools and services space (and really one of the few channels that focuses on it).

Dave does a fantastic job of remaining unbiased in his review videos, and that says a lot, as he has his very own tool for advanced self-publishing. And while we have our book marketing tool here at Storiad, we figured it’d be right to show no bias ourselves and make sure the Kindlepreneur YouTube Channel is on this list. After all, they’ve got great content and that’s what self-publishers deserve.

Check out and subscribe to Kindlepreneur with Dave Chesson

Author Level Up with Michael La Ronn

Ah, our last of our YouTube channels for self-publishers on this list: Author Level Up with Michael La Ronn. Michael has written over 50 books (WOAH!) and is now sharing his tips and learnings through some really awesome and clearly-communicated videos.

The Author Level Up YouTube channel might not be the most-established YouTube channel on this list, but we have a great feeling that 2020 is going to be a solid year for Michael, his channel, and its subs. We’re rooting for ya, Michael—keep up the killer videos!

P.S. How has his Learn to Write to Market series not blown up yet???

Check out and subscribe to Author Level Up with Michael La Ronn

And that’s a wrap for our list of top YouTube channels for self-publishers in 2020!

We hope you enjoyed our picks, met some new faces, and subscribed to some new channels that will help you navigate the self-publishing world with ease in 2020.

Didn’t see one or two YouTube channels for self-publishers that you think should have made our list?

Let us know in the comments and we’ll look into adding them! 😊😊😊

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