Helping Author Groups Thrive

Storiad is the ideal place for Author Groups to get organized, collaborate, and gain access to powerful book promotion tools.

An Alternative to Facebook

Storiad is 100% dedicated to Author needs. Personal privacy and security are a priority and no member information is ever monitored or sold. Storiad is not ad-revenue driven and dedicated solely to helping Authors sell more books.

Group Promotion Includes:

  • Privacy: Storiad will never sell author information to anyone at any time. No ads. No hassle.
  • Group coordination: Author groups get a password-protected module for the head of each writer group where they can communicate and share information with members.
  • Storiad Groups: Like the systems at Meetup or Slack, authors can create, monitor and control their own private (or public) customized Author Groups, without ever having to navigate away from the Storiad ecosystem.

Access to Storiad Pro

Author Groups get full access to all Storiad Pro features:

  • Create Your Own Author Page
  • Organize Your Book Into Project Portfolios
  • Create a Full-Spectrum Marketing Plan
  • Design Unlimited Digital Media Kits
  • Access Our Up-to-Date Publicity Contacts Database
  • Reach Out to Book Publicity Contacts with Our Email Integration
  • Create and Host Video Webinars for Your Audience
  • Budget Better with Our Financial Calculator and Tools
  • Learn the Basics with Our Learning Management System

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Author Group Exclusives

  • Webinars: Storiad offers two customized business consultation webinars for each Author Group joining with 20+ members
  • Co-Marketing: Author Groups with 20+ members receive customized co-marketing opportunities to help their members better promote their books
  • Support: All exclusive Author Groups receive the highest level of dedicated Pro support
  • PRICING: Author Group members are eligible to have access to all Storiad Pro features for as little as $9.95/month!